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Serving the North Shore Of Chicago And The North And

Northwest Suburbs

Helping you to improve  your relationship with your dog! 



Does dog training online interest you?  If so, good news.  I offer dog training via Skype.  If you think you might have an interest in this, please use the "Video Training" tab above for more information.

Regarding References:  Some people are hesitant to ask me for references. 

Please do not be reluctant to ask for references.  They are an asset to my business.

No Contracts


Crate Training

House Breaking

Puppies & Older Dogs



Positive Reinforcement


Flexible Hours


Veterinarian Recommended



To My Potential Clients:

Some dog trainers advertise that they offer "quick results".  I can think of only one behavior that could justify an owner wanting and expecting  " quick results".  SEVERE AGGRESSION.  I can also say with some confidence after 22 years in the business that an expectation of "quick results" with dog training is an unrealistic expectation. Anything worthwhile takes time.  This includes the training of your dog.


Dog ownership can be a very rewarding experience for the entire family. can also create new and frustrating challenges.

Your dog cannot and will not train itself.  It can however, train you. When you become an active participant in molding your dog’s behavior, your chances for success increase dramatically.

The commitment of training your dog is also a necessary part of the overall dog ownership experience. A poorly trained dog, or a dog that is out of control can create a potentially serious and dangerous situation for family members and others.

Avoid becoming a victim to your dog.  Stay in charge, stay in control and convey that attitude to your dog...regardless of your dog’s size.

Your dog will learn your expectations, look to you for guidance and seek your approval. You need to take an interest in your new friend.

I can help you train your dog to be the type of pet your entire family can be proud of.

 The video below  shows Maggie ( one of my Border Collies) and me competing.

It is estimated that in the United States, approximately 1.2 million dogs are killed every year by automobiles.  

Taking some time to train your dog will give you the best chance of possibly saving their life.

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